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How to make data management Efficiently and Safely?

Many sources have predicted exponential data growth from 2010 to 2020 and found the size of the digital universe will be doubled every two years at least. As a result of unprecedented data growth, storage management is now a critical challenge for IT administrators. 

The QSAN Storage Management, QSM, is a valuable storage solution for IT administrators to easily manage daily growing data and backups in the Workgroup, SMB, and Enterprise. Data amounts are escalating, so that, data comes into organizations and often lacks a clearly defined structure. To help SMB and enterprise to prevent event-driven data management, the innovated QSM is now entering 3.1 stage for better management and protection for complex challenges in the industry. 

In QSM 3.1, the new features are able to help business users with needed resources more efficiently. The brand new QSM improves the data protection time, the recovery effectiveness after disasters, multi-location synchronization and backup automatically storage capacity management, and triple-parities RAID level protection. 

By the new features of QSM, it brings : 

Manage historical data from the current activity and safely remove

With QSM's unique design, files in shared folders can be protected by the WORM technology (Write once and read many), and for file retention, it can be automatically removed the files in the specified period of time. For system administrators, QSM delivers not only the file security but also the storage efficiently. Meanwhile, in some regulations, data should not exist in a duration of time such as private information, file retention can help administrators to clear sensitive data automatically by merely a few clicks. 

Extend the maximum time of snapshots version and save your volume space

In QSM 3.1, snapshot retention policy performs the potentialities for companies to guard their assets much longer than the prior version but takes fewer resources than imagined. Although ZFS RAID is a fantastic alternative disks protection, it is still not the desired backup solution for important assets. Instead, Snapshot is your best choice to prevent file system corruption and human errors, also for Live backup of running Virtual machines and creating a test environment. 

Moreover, with the retention policy, it keeps the snapshots in the different periods of the time, which significantly extend the protection duration. In QSM 3.1, it enables the retaining time respectively up to: hourly, daily, monthly or yearly, which retain as many as the configured maximum snapshots for each time range. 

Restore protected data efficiently from disaster

When talking about backup or snapshots, recovery is always being back of the mind. QSM 3.1 provides the easiest way for administrators to restoring files to any desired. To fulfill the demands of different situations, you could either clone a snapshot, restore to the correct version, or duplicate the particular files from the snapshot. Native ZFS snapshots are a fabulous tool for backups, and it’s in block level and independent of file systems, which means it wouldn’t be broken from file system corruptions. Also, it can be run on active data without the concern of over locks or conflicting changes. 

Increase the disk reliability to prevent RAID potential risk from the rebuild

Hard-disk throughput has failed to match the exponential rate of its growth. Nowadays, it takes hours to repair a high capacity disk drive in a RAID group and gets even longer when drives capacities are getting larger. When the time increases, the data loss occurrences raise. RAID Z3 is essential since, in a failure-free disk operation, the parity computation overhead is incurred for every write. For Z3 arrays, the ability to tolerate three failures provides a significant ability to tolerate three disks failure even use an entry-level disk. 


Overall, with these new features, QSM3.1 brings to its users, it generates more possibility for SMB and Enterprises to have a lower threshold to start the digital transformation which improves working efficiencies and security in big data generation. 

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