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Next Level of Service, Serving Users through Redundancy and Ease
Nowadays, storage is getting more and more important for everyone, as most of them need to store large amounts of…
Choose Suitable All-Flash Storage, Start VDI Earlier
Crossing the VDI Cost Threshold VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), the technology associated with providing and managing virtual desktops. In VDI,…
What Do You Really Care When Using an Enterprise Storage?
Enterprise NAS VS Consumer NAS The benefit of a NAS device is that it can use a technology called RAID.…
Why Does Low Latency Affect Your Business
Why Does Low Latency Affect Your Business? Businesses are hungry for data. The exponential growth in demand for data and…
Safe Unified Storage, Save Your Business
Data storage in the modern business environment is complex, IT face stronger challenges to manage data and keep data save.…


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