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Why Does Low Latency Affect Your Business
Why Does Low Latency Affect Your Business? Businesses are hungry for data. The exponential growth in demand for data and…
Safe Unified Storage, Save Your Business
Data storage in the modern business environment is complex, IT face stronger challenges to manage data and keep data save.…
NVMe Storage Matters for Database, AI, and HPC
The Evolution of NVMe Protocol As flash-based SSDs (Solid State Drives) gradually become mainstream and getting to replace traditional hard…
Redefine Storage for High Availability (HA)
Why High Availability is Important for Business Today, network services rely on the Internet. Even the shortest downtime can cause…
5P Strategy for Entry All-Flash Array
With the maturity of flash technology and huge real-time data demand, the high-level all-flash array has been popularized among enterprises…


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